Artists discovery and promotion

From electronic music to Hip-Hop, we are focusing on the trend of music, and continue to explore the most potential young musicians from domestic and abroad, promote them to the Chinese market. We built our own new generation of artists data, monitored online streaming, live streaming, and social networking platforms. Selected potential stars will be promoted to participate in live shows and music festivals. Through the operation of self-media, the expansion of media relations, the music streaming campaign and other ways to help overseas artists establish a fan base in China, increase the exposure in the media. We are aiming to improve the popularity of the artists in China, increase the value of artists' copyright, showcase, and business.
Successful Cases

Case 1
In 2016, MTA invited Alan Walker as a headliner in MTA Festival, this was the first showcase for Alan in China. We also set an interview for him, a lot of media had written about this performance. With multi-ways exposure, he accumulated a lot of popularity during that time, the value of his showcase had doubled.

Case 2
New generation of Chinese female rapper NineOne# Her single "PUMA" got over 10 million streaming on all the platforms, official fan club has over 100 thousand members, and she was awarded the most promising Chinese Next Generation Rapper.
Our Artists