SOUND SUMMER · About Us & Team
Sound Summer is committed to being the best producer of music and cultural content in China, We are the creator of a number of the high-quality live music festival, influence the trend of youth. Our successful brands include MTA Festival, INMUSIC Festival, Mama Papa Festival, WR/OC Festival, Visionable Jazz Festival, and Electric Lady Music Festival; Huailai Tianmo Music Resort; WR/OC Music label, etc. Our Company's business is mainly dealing with live music, artists' agency, music production and copyright, art exhibitions, video production, and cultural traveling content operations and other businesses, we aim to build a full circle of music content.

Our Team

Make It Happen

Warren Chien

  • MTA Tianyu Music Festival content Director / Artist Director
  • Live music planner, video producer, trend maker
  • An award-winning documentary producer for "Plastic Kingdom", "I am me", "E-sports frenzy" etc.
  • He has been involved in music festivals and live performances business since 2009
Chei Zak

  • The founder of Summer Sound
  • Experienced live music planner, record producer, columnist
  • The Founder of INMUSIC Festival
  • The founder of MTA Festival
Mitch Lee

  • General Manager of WR/OC
  • Musician, Creator, Life-Stylist
    He was the co-founder of "Big idea" advertising agency and the founder of "Car Buzz"
  • Worked in the media such as "For Him Magazine", "The Outlook Magazine" and so on.

Our Brands

Our Award

2017 MTA Festival was named " The best curator of the year" by Harvard Business Review.
2018 MTA Festival was named "Top 10 of China Music Festival" by the Research Center of Daolv Music Industry.
2018 MTA Festival was named "The most influential offline Music Festival" by Entertainment Capital.
2018 WR/OC was named "Recommended Label Award" by Q China."